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Academic coaching in higher education


Jan 23, 2023
coaching in higher education

School coaching for students is a great initiative that brings the coachee into a reflection where he will have to take responsibility. And when you are about to enter active and professional life, being motivated and knowing where you are going is an undeniable asset.

To believe in yourself is to succeed

A student’s success often depends on his ability to believe in himself. Indeed, even if intelligence and memory play important roles in learning during higher education, they are not necessarily things frozen in time.

Many students pass or fail even being very smart.

The questions of motivation, self-confidence and personality are essential perceptions to take into account to enter professional life.

With academic coaching, the student will be able, first of all, to learn a working method in order to be able to organize his time effectively. He will be able to get to the point, pass his exams with a specific objective: the one he has set for himself as a future professional orientation.

With a coach at his side, the student develops his emotional intelligence in order to put it at the service of his personal and professional objectives.

Concretely, the more he will be able to work with his emotional intelligence to serve his aspirations and motivations, the more he will be able to see beyond the results in order to discover his true skills.

The coach will help him to assert himself, to recognize his brakes and his weaknesses, but also his strengths.

He will be able to better manage his stress and his emotions so as to project himself into the project of professional life in all serenity.

School coaching to become an actor in your life

With academic coaching, the student gives meaning to his studies as well as to his own ambitions. He will be able to project himself into the future while being in harmony with himself.

School coaching is not coaching like any other. Indeed, this type of coaching takes into account certain criteria such as the fact that the coachee is young, that he is in the construction phase, that he is sometimes dependent on his family.

As a coach, the professional will give him keys so that the student can be an actor in his life . He will be able to achieve his own goals and enter professional life by connecting directly to his own resources.

In the field, the coach uses tools and practices that aim to overcome any difficulties and other obstacles to success and entering working life.

It is a punctual educational support where we work on the personality of the student so that he develops his own work techniques, so that he regains confidence in his abilities and so that he learns to adapt to a new environment (first that of higher education and then that of the world of work).

The advantages of academic coaching after the baccalaureate

Why benefit from academic coaching during your higher education?

According to the figures that come back year after year, about 50% of first year students would be in a situation of failure during the year or after their exams because they were badly oriented.

By benefiting from a mental preparation with a specialized coach, the student puts all the chances on his side to succeed and arrive in professional life serenely.

Allowing a student to benefit from academic coaching offers them many advantages, both personally and professionally, for:

  • Improve the quality of one’s motivation, gain confidence, improve one’s well-being
  • Become more autonomous, optimize your concentration and your work abilities
  • Identify his strategy to succeed and understand he has failed so far possibly
  • Give concrete meaning to your higher education with a view to a specific professional objective
  • Put everything in your power to succeed by adopting an appropriate attitude
  • Overcome the fear of not succeeding and become an actor in your life

Towards professional life

With school coaching, the student will benefit from a complete and personalized support program to ensure both a first step towards success and a smooth entry into working life.

This support aims to make the student responsible for the construction of a professional project by combining their skills and aspirations.

Each young person then emerges from this experience with the tools to fulfill themselves and confidence in their abilities to prepare for or bounce back into active life.

With school or university coaching in this case, the student benefits from a maximum of information on his orientation and the conditions and the way to achieve his objectives.

This is an opportunity to benefit from a unique support experience, knowing that parents are not excluded from this process. On the contrary, they can actively participate in school coaching from the moment all the conditions are met for the student to succeed.

Prepare the student for the job market with adequate tools, allow him to define his future profession or the field of activity in which he wishes to flourish professionally (and personally), make the right choices, develop appropriate skills to enter in active life is simply an issue, but above all the mission of school and university coaching.

With such support, the student benefits from a unique and rich follow-up that combines both human and mentoring in order to set up and promote fulfilment, a taste for work, a sense of responsibility and self-confidence.

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