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More than 10 interactive educational tools to engage students


Jan 23, 2023
educational tools to engage students

Online education is becoming increasingly popular after the outbreak of Covid. Fortunately, there are plenty of interactive online learning programs to keep teachers organized and students focused on their schoolwork. Interactive online teaching tools improve students’ attention, understanding and creativity.

An added benefit of the interactive teacher tools is that the programs allow teachers to create fun and engaging lessons and help keep them organized and on track, even in a zooming classroom!

What is e-learning?

Online learning is not the traditional mode of learning, but it has proven to be just as effective, if not more so. Online learning uses electronic devices and programs inside and outside the classroom to keep students engaged and having fun. There are many programs to help students when learning online. The following list contains the most useful interactive online learning tools for teachers and students:

Top 10 interactive tools for teachers to animate lessons

Flip HTML 5 is an interactive educational tool you need in your wheelhouse. Think of the times you have a boring pdf, word document, or even a power point that you need to send to students for review. Using Flip HTML 5 can make boring content fun by turning your manual and other content into interactive pages.

1. Google Class

Google Classroom is a great program to incorporate into your classroom. it is a free blended interactive e-learning tool developed by Google. Available both on the web and on the mobile app, it’s a versatile program perfect for teachers and students.

  • Benefits for teachers:
  • Ability to start a video conference
  • Create and manage lessons, assignments and grades online
  • Add materials to student assignments like YouTube videos, Google Forms survey, and other items from Google Drive
  • The ability to post announcements and engage students in question-based discussions
  • Invite parents and guardians to sign up to receive email summaries with a student’s upcoming or missing work

2. Prodigious math game

This interactive online learning platform promotes independent learning and keeps students motivated to learn!

3. Pear Bridge

Pear Deck is a Google Slides add-on that helps teachers create engaging slides and foster student interaction. Teachers can create presentations from scratch or add interactive questions to existing ones.

Créez des questions personnalisées pour vos élèves

Add audio to any type of slide

The teacher dashboard lets you see what each child is struggling with, making it easy to rearrange the learning plan.

4. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a fun way to start a conversation. Post a topic and encourage discussion within your class. It’s a great way to get students interested in new ideas, inspire them to learn, and engage with their peers!

5. Edmodo

Edmodo’s suite of tools enables teachers to share lesson content, inspire collaboration, and create an energetic and positive classroom. Parents can also receive updates on their children’s progress.

6. ClassDojo

Teachers can develop a fun learning experience with downloadable resource kits and ideas.

7. Équipes Microsoft

With Microsoft Teams, you can share your screen or notes, give presentations, promote chat, and bring everyone together via video conference.

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